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"Call, ask and get any information for free"

Discount Information Call Center * 1616 was set up on February 1, 2016. With the expansion of service sector, the number of employees of our company has increased. By *1616, our services became even more diverse. The idea arose precisely from the fact that we were thinking of creating such a service through which any person at his own desire and at his own demand would receive information in connection with discounts or promotions. Right * 1616 is the number, where any person can call to request information about the discount on products and services. The most important thing is that our information is free of charge. As for the call price, 1 minute value for Beeline subscribers is 5 Tetri, with other mobile operators: Magti, Geocell - individually, what tariff is used by the subscriber, if he has an unlimited package, he does not need to add extra money to his personal account. As for city numbers, it is free of charge for Silknet subscribers. When the customer calls us and asks for information about where to get the service or purchase the product at a discount, he contacts us via * 1616 and our operators provide him with this information both verbally and as an SMS message. We provide information in three languages: Georgian, English, Russian and naturally SMS messages are also sent in all three languages, in accordance with the subscriber's requirement. The customer may request discounts in any field and any location will it be a city, street, shopping center or any other location. When a customer wants to get information about the product and service at a discount, it is natural that we provide not only one information but a few alternative options. Accordingly, the subscriber already has the option of choice, which also is a great comfort, to choose the desired brand, location and so on. Proceeding from the fact that there was a demand from consumers, a new service was added to the discount information center and now we provide information not only in connection with discounts, but also any public information and of course for free. Approximately one month after the opening * 1616, the number of daytime calls was already 2000. The rapid growth in the number of calls was primarily caused by free service, as well as by many other factors, such as fast and high quality service within 24 hours, a friendly attitude towards the consumer and the most comprehensive answer to any question, instead of being redirected to the hotlines of a company for more information. Based on the fact that we have information provided free of charge, it is already possible for everyone to receive any information. Also we do not have a limit on the quantity, you can get any information you want without repeating the call. That is, today there is one number * 1616, where anyone can call and get the desired information for free. In contrast to the mass distribution of SMS messages, this is in some way the requested advertisement, through which we directly redirect to various companies not a potential but a real consumers. The purpose of * 1616 is to create maximum comfort for the consumer and offer a variety of services within 24 hours. Call-center is both an information center and a world of discounts, where information on promotions and discounts of all companies is posted. The information is provided in any sphere all over Georgia, to all interested subscribers who calls on the number: * 1616.

The scope of services *1616 includes:

  • Placement of company information and discount
  • Placement of information in priority
  • Voice audio advertising
  • Placement of information about the company and discounts: you can place information and promotion in any working hours. The information placed by the customer is translated in three languages. You can update the information at any time;
  • Placement of information in priority: in services of this category, we offer companies 3 priority categories (I / II / III). Where it is possible to place the desired information in the desired priority category, which implies that during the request received in the customer's field, information of the (I / II / III) customer company is provided;
  • Voice audio advertising: the placement of information / advertising at the beginning of the call.